Community Association

The Biltmore Lake Community Association works tirelessly behind the scenes on behalf of residents. The Association’s responsibilities include the following:


  • Maintenance of the lake, trails, recreational amenities, and landscaping
  • Community budget management
  • Weekly trash pickup and recycling
  • Community security patrols
  • Design Review Committee coordination

In addition, the Biltmore Lake Community Association’s Lifestyle Director coordinates a wide variety of activities for residents from clubs and lectures to live concerts throughout the year. Activities appeal to all ages and lifestyles.



Biltmore Lake Gallery28“I moved here from the New York City area wanting to find a community and I completely found that here, along with the opportunity to pursue just about any interest under the sun.

I joined in a Biltmore Lake study group recently that got together to discuss foreign relations—lots of great, thoughtful discussions—one of many opportunities to meet people, to volunteer and to serve on committees.  It’s so good to be engaged in the life of the community here.  I’m involved, right now, in creating a performance pavilion down by the lake.  There’s just a lot of wonderful collaboration with Biltmore Lake management and the board of the Home Owners Association.  It’s enriching, exciting and rewarding.

The residents here are very much intergenerational and diverse, coming from different parts of the country and the world.  There’s a great mix of properties, offering designs to match up with people in different stages of their lives.  And, I just have to say, this is one of the friendliest places and a place where you feel you’re always on vacation.  As one of my neighbors often says, laughing, ‘What time is checkout?’”

-Marilynne Herbert



Biltmore Lake Gallery24 “My husband Jerry and I have lived in the Candler area almost all our lives.  We both swam in Enka Lake as children and coming here was just part of growing up.

When we first thought about moving out of the house we’d been in for over forty years we found ourselves getting drawn toward Biltmore Lake.  We loved how the developer (Biltmore Farms) was keeping the neighborhoods as wooded as possible.  We found out about the Cottage Collection, drove around looking at Woodsedge and Laurel Ridge and found a lot where we could see the lake.  The Pinnacle Floor Plan suited us perfectly and we were thrilled.

When I think back about building our home, unlike what you often hear about that process, we simply didn’t run across anything that was stressful.  Neil Battle (the property agent) just got right back to us whenever we needed anything and the builder was absolutely committed to providing us the best house possible.

We haven’t regretted our choice and we haven’t looked back.  Instead, we just love our views of the lake and the mountains and all the amenities and all the events in the community.  Our grandchildren love to visit and Jerry loves the trails.  He just says, I’ll see you in a little’ and he’s off on a bike ride.

The neighbors are very welcoming and, soon after we moved in, there was a holiday progressive dinner and we enjoyed meeting lots of folks who live close to us. Lately it’s been breakfast, lunch and dinner on the deck.  And did I say—We really do love it here!”

-Carol Sutton



“Well, we knew we’d like it but we didn’t know we’d love it.  It’s funny, Jim and I will be away traveling and we’ll look at each other and say, ‘Hey, let’s go back to our vacation home.’ The lake is perfect for swimming and there are wonderful hiking trails—all this beauty and serenity and we’re exactly 12 minutes from downtown Asheville. We chose to downsize to a cottage home and what we’ve found is that it’s more than enough room. It’s simple, efficient and everything about it is pleasant for us.  If anything comes up, the staff is on it in a heartbeat.

Beach-PhotoMy cousin is a fine architect and he went through the entire house, studying all the details.  He said the quality that went into our cottage is amazing.  We mentioned that to our builder and he simply said, ‘Well, we have a reputation to maintain.’

Jim and I had been here about a month when we looked at each other and said ‘So this is what happiness feels like.’  It’s just a very special feeling.  Terrific people.  The lake.  The activities.  Yoga down the street.  Sitting on my deck and having coffee.”

-Diane Millikan