Residents’ Giving Garland Project Benefits Enka High School


Biltmore Lake residents responded generously to the second annual Giving Garland project, benefiting needy Enka High School students.  The campaign, sponsored by the Education Support Group at the community, raised more than $8,850 in three weeks, topping last year’s donations by more than 50%. The suggested donation was $30, but many residents gave more than that, including one resident who, after gaining agreement from her children and grandchildren, donated $1,000 in lieu of buying family gifts.

Giving Garland Biltmore Lake

Presenting the donations to Enka’s principal are Biltmore Lake representatives (left to right): Elizabeth Joiner, Enka High School principal Tonya Robinson, Jamileh Mikata, Denise Ertell, and Biltmore Lake Lifestyle Director Kim Maynard.


The proceeds of the project will be used by the school’s social workers to host a holiday party with gift cards; pay for school lunches, school supplies and fees, and buy other minor necessities throughout the year for students whose families are struggling financially.