Lake Community & Recreation

Reflecting the seasons of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains in its waters, the planned lake community’s centerpiece 62-acre lake and its shoreline trail system beckons boaters and fishermen, joggers and strollers. Connecting trails radiate throughout adjoining neighborhoods and up Scott’s Ridge. With the lake as its focal point, recreation at Biltmore Lake, detailed here, helps residents make the most of life in the mountains.


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The Biltmore Lake clubhouse provides a welcoming venue for gathering and a wonderful view of the lake. Year-round, residents and guests can curl up in front of the fireplace with a book from the exchange library, experience the beauty of a brilliant sunset over the mountains, sip on complimentary coffee, enjoy free wireless internet or simply meet a friend to catch up on recent news.


Boating & Swimming
Despite its panoramic presence, Biltmore Lake is a lot more than scenery. Old salts and fledgling shipmates alike are able to test the waters using cedar strip canoes, kayaks, paddleboats and sunfish sailboats available at the Biltmore Lake boathouse. For those more comfortable on dry land, a sandy beach invites sunbathers and readers and swimmers edging toward the shoreline.



Fly-fishing is a big enough deal in this neighborhood that many of the streets are named after lures. You don’t have to live on Ginger Quill or Perch Fly to catch a fish with a lure of the same name, but it certainly can’t hurt your odds. Fishing doesn’t have to be something done on vacation, but part of everyday life alongside Biltmore Lake.


The hardwood forests and rhododendron groves around the lake are best experienced up close and personal. Biltmore Lake’s four miles of shady, dog friendly pathways interweave neighborhoods and give residents a chance to experience an ever-unfolding natural world at their own pace.



Two campsites alongside Biltmore Lake’s trail system give residents an opportunity to sleep under the stars.  Two are adjacent to the lake’s shoreline; two are at a higher elevation on Scott’s Ridge. Campers are welcome to reserve equipment at the recreation director’s office.


Two hard surface tennis courts provide tests of serve and volley and lessons are easily arranged. But even pros may have a hard time keeping an eye on the ball. The Pickleball Players group is also quite popular. The courts, just south of the clubhouse, offer up an excellent view of Mt Pisgah.





A full-length lakeside basketball court give hoopsters territory to practice downtown jump shots and improve their inside games. An adjacent parking area and a connecting trail make it possible to rebound in short order.


Follow the sound of children laughing and you’ll find one of Biltmore Lake’s many playgrounds. With child-approved equipment and spots for adults to relax and enjoy the scenery, outside play is a matter of youthful joy, regardless of age.